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by Manon ROHART

Say goodbye to the tight, rigid bouquet of flowers of the 1990s. With Manon, a wind of freedom blows on her floral creations.

His compositions reinvent themselves by drawing inspiration from the world around him, society and current trends. She also draws her inspiration from art, styling; all her influences that shape her aesthetic taste for beauty…Manon likes to transcend, transform the raw material and sublimate it. She likes to provoke, shift the gaze, surprise, question.

His creations are an invitation to travel both figuratively and literally. His compositions are the result of a long journey, of an apprenticeship that is both rigorous and free.

His freedom is inscribed in his Mediterranean genes. From an early age, she began to weave a dream world. The colors of the maquis, in Corsica, were an open laboratory. The painter HENRI DUHEM’s house, where she spent her summers, was her playground. These free artists such as Matisse, Hilma, Nicky de Saint Phalle and Miro who changed the codes of art inspire him daily in his drawings and paintings. Her collaborations with street art artists place Manon’s work in the art of the moment, which is very contemporary, striking and powerful at the same time.

Entrepreneur and rich in all her past experiences, such as her six years spent working as a manager and floral designer for major florist houses, Manon affirms her talent and lets her creativity work by delivering little scene that make us smile.

Floral Thory is her laboratory from which emerge her creations that she likes to share with you on her social networks.